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Latvian Winemakers Festival on August 5 at the Straupe Old Post Station  

Winemakers from the entire Latvia will gather together on Sunday, August 5 at the Straupe Old Post Station. The main event this year will be the ”pairing” of local wines with desserts where the best match will be evaluated by a special commission led by the food expert Ilze Jurkane.

One of the event organizers is the member of “Slow Food Straupe” – the cook Eriks Dreibants. He will be the one to prepare desserts, while the best combination of wines and desserts will be established by the special expert commission, in addition to Ilze Jurkane being comprised of the popular food blogger Zane Ozolina ( and the wine expert Janis Kalkis (Jānis Kaļķis). The cake specialist Ilze Kupca will also participate at the event and show to the visitors her masterpieces from the upcoming book “50 Latvian cakes and Latvian Wines”.

This year “Slow Food Straupe” event is organized together with the Latvian Association of Grape Growers and Winemakers. “We are really pleased about this tradition that gives an opportunity to promote the local wine-making, meet in person the winemakers, taste their created drinks and, of course, enjoy the festive atmosphere” is noted by the Chairman of the Association Board Richards Ivanovs.

The event will take place between 11:00 and 17:00, and the wine-tasting may be supplemented with the cheese made by the “Sow Food Straupe” farmers and oysters supplied by the “Buržujs” Restaurant. Thinking about the environment, the visitors will have an opportunity at the entrance to buy a glass with a glass holder.

The event will be hosted by the charming actress Zane Valicka, while the special musical atmosphere for the wine-tasting will be ensured by the trio of Ivars Brinums.

The Straupe Farmers’ Market will also operate in addition to events of the wine-makers fest, being the only market in the Baltic States conforming to the requirements of the International Organization “Slow Food International” terms and has become a member of the Earth Market Alliance. The Straupe Market has been awarded a cultural label “’Latvian Heritage” for restoring and preserving the market traditions”.

For more information: Astride Rozite, Chair of the “Slow Food Straupe” Board. Phone: +371-29491475.