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EU Good Food Good Farming campaign at Slow Food Straupe Earth Market with “a theatrical taste”

October 4th, 2020  11:00 –13:00

Topic: Biological diversity of legumes

Despite the fact that legumes represent good food for soil and humans, studies in Latvia show that beans and peas are still not appreciated and not used in kitchen enough. This action will popularize usage of locally and sustainably grown legumes, traditional to Latvia.

October 18th, 2020  11:00 –13:00

Topic: Save bees and farmers.

Latvian beekeepers have been producing high quality honey for a long time. Currently they face  common problems with other beekeepers, in the EU and worldwide. This action will raise public awareness and show farmers’ concern and commitment towards sustainable-bee friendly agriculture.


Both actions will be carried out in a new format. This time we will look at the problems raised not only through the prism of our gastronomic heritage, but also through our cultural heritage –  literature, drama and theater. We hope that such a fusion can bring more interests to the topics among market participants. To realize our intentions, the actions will be implemented together with the Theater museum in Latvia and the professor of the Latvian Academy of Culture.

Financed by the European Union