Straupes zirgu pasts, Straupes pagasts, Cēsu novads, Latvija [email protected], [email protected] +371 29464946

Straupes lauku labumu tirdziņš – TIKAI Straupes Zirgu pastā


Straupe Farmer Market takes place each month in the first and third Sunday of Plācis (from Straupe 5km to Valmiera via A3 highway)

MOTO: Growing ourselves. Making ourselves. Selling ourselves.


Straupe’s Farmer Market always takes place on the date planned. Is snowing or raining or if there is a glow or frost to minus 35 degrees – no market has been canceled and will not be canceled.

Sellers are limited and the products are selected, so please apply in advance by phone. 29464946 (Rudite).

If several vendors offer the same high-quality products or goods, preference is given to local residents of the county.